The reasons for hiding your home between and behind concrete blocks may be difficult to spot at first. The elegant Glass Home located in Hiroshima, Japan, was envisioned by Naf architect & design and is based on a simple, but eye-catching system of stacking large concrete blocks (each sized 1.0 m x 1.0 m x 1.5m ), reinforced with steel. This unusual architecture feature ensures privacy and protection from earthquakes- and did we mentions its interesting appearance? Here is more from the architects: “Overall composition of the building consists of roof and transparent glass to enclose interior space with the aforementioned concrete block structure. There is no roof over the concrete blocks. Therefore rays of the sun pour over the blocks, and the reflection of the light shines inside the house. Furthermore, vines of various flowers will be planted along the block, changing breakwater-like structure to a hill of flower and greenery in the future“. A great way to break the patterns of modern architecture, wouldn’t you agree?