Patience and concentration go hand in hand when working on a project as detailed as this one. The Three-Dimensional Paper Architecture splendidly created by American artist Jill Sylvia is one of those projects that remains in your memory and you want to share it with others. Made out of paper cut-outs, these striking structures depict imposing buildings like the New York Stock Exchange, the U.S. Capitol Building, the Jefferson Memorial, the White House, or the U.S. Treasury Building. By cutting out blank spaces in ledger book or balance sheets, Jill Sylvia fabricates paper architecture that conveys analysis sheets into fine detailed structures: “The skeletal pages drape and accumulate, demarcate the time cost for their creation, and become the buildings for which they have laid the groundwork.” By re-contextualizing architectural buildings and official printed works, the talented artist creates stunning paper representations of well-known buildings and manages to perfect her art with each new project. Good thing we found the artist’s amazing works on MyModernMet, so we can share it with you and see what you think of this intricate line of work. Do you think you would have the patience to create such intricate projects?