Located in the Zelenograd region of Moscow, this elegantly designed apartment spreads over 200 square meters – enough space to let creativity flow and compose a suite of spaces that would become the owner’s dream home, as well as a source of inspiration for others. Designers Alexander and Polina Fedorova of architectural studio Alexandra Fedorova united design forces to create the stunning interiors of this luxurious apartment. Occupied by a young family of three, the flat showcases high-quality details in all its spaces, be they private or public. The large living room with corner sofa sets the mood for a fantastic social hub to use with friends and family, while the pristine dining space with chairs gathered around a round table seamlessly connects the living to the kitchen.

Two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a separate children’s closets make up the private spaces. In the kid’s bedrooms, a green Col-Letto Bed from Lago thrones over the yellow/green details, contrasting with the dark floors and creating a splendid interior design. The overall appearance of this residential space conveys a feeling of modern elegance, constructed in black, white and brown, with the green/yellow palette softening the child’s bedroom. This reminds me of the Triumph Palace Apartment, in which yellow, white and brown were the main colors.¬† Which ideas would you borrow from this beautiful space arrangement?