The trick to Hide & Seek bedside chest designed by Florent Coirier is that its front side is a painted replica of a colorful box interior, making one believe the cabinet is open and empty- talk about keeping things clean! But as you guessed, this is just an optical illusion. The objects one places inside seem to vanish, a design “trick” inspired by the art of illusionists: “Hide & seek transforms the notion of storage in a delicate gesture of magic! The user becomes a magician ! ” Perfect for storing small and useful objects like books, magazines, CDs and even diaries, the small bedside chest comes in a variety of colors, able to liven up interiors and add a playful touch. And just think of your guests’ reaction when you place their car keys in the “nothing box”. The materials used for the project are wood and biologic fabric for the linen. Find this design as creative and witty as we do?