ParkPraxis is a unique medical clinic welcoming patients with a warm, confident interior design. Located on the outskirts of the Sankt Pölten-Land park, its surprising stainless steel facade mirrors the green surroundings, proving once again that nature and architecture go hand in hand. The medical clinic equipped with an in-house pharmacy was designed by X Architekten for Dr. Regina Fehrmann – a family physician for the residents of three small towns in southern Austria. Occupying 224 square meters, the medical practice successfully showcases a welcoming design, that has nothing to do with cold, inhumane clinics where your body might be healed, but your mind will forever remember the inhospitable environment. This totally different clinic is based on a central glass patio surrounded by offices, laboratories and waiting spaces. A tree rises in the middle of the glass enclosure only to remind patients that nature is close by and its healing power will not be overlooked. Vividly colored details and natural light compose an idyllic space, where medicine is practiced in a comforting, welcoming environment.