Jansen Campus is the new headquarters of a Swiss steel and plastics company located in Oberriet, Switzerland and designed by Lugano-based practice Davide Macullo Architects. Discovered on designboom, the building complex consists of inclined panels of different sizes, having an overall interesting visual effect. Here are some descriptive details from the architects, concerning the interiors of the project: “The internal landscape is articulated as a fluid zone, acting as an extension of the urban streets of the village. A system of solids and voids expand in all directions. The apparent mass of the building is dematerialized internally, flooded with natural light. The public functions are distributed from a reception space on the ground floor. Rooms for meetings, business lunches and a restaurant all lead off this area. Beside the reception is the ‘mission control’ representing the operational heart of the company and acts almost like the stock market, where all information regarding the inner workings of the company is processed here in real time“. The building complex is structured on three levels, as follows: on the first floor there is a workplace, an informal meeting space and the meeting rooms, the second level accommoadates an open plan office for the communications section and the upper floor is where the boardroom and a panoramic terrace are located.