If you live in the city of Valencia and have kids, this project will probably become one of your favorites. The Piccino kids store displays an inspiring and refreshing design that challenges browsing for cute little clothes and gives shopping another meaning in the mind of your young ones. Inspired by the owners children, this kids clothing store was constructed around the importance of the clothes in the overall design – walls left almost white were painted with vivid colors in silhouettes of uni-colored clothes or butterflies, fitting mannequins, scissors and mirrors. Created by Valencia-based studio Masquespacio, the commercial space was described in the press release as follows: “In a parodic way old furniture is represented by vinyls that combine shelves and actual furniture with silhouettes that are making fun of classic furniture. 

In the meantime the fresh colors used to represent the kids’ work are getting back the modern touch to the store. Some magnetic pixels are giving the chance to the children to create their own clothes while others are watching an animation movie. Last but not least, the classic Lou Lou Ghost chair from Kartell seems to be made for this store.” Thanks to photographers Inquietud & David Rodríguez from Cualiti, we can enjoy the interiors of this carefully designed retail store until we get the chance to see it in person. How do your kids feel about this colorful space arrangement?