Conservatorium Hotel Amsterdam occupies the building that used to be the Sweelinck music conservatorium built in the 19th century by Dutch architect Daniel Knuttel. This luxury lifestyle hotel is located in Amsterdam’s museum and fashion district – Museumplein – and welcomes guests with a light flooded, inviting set of spaces. The structure’s simple functionality was kept intact, while the modern design and charming atmosphere created by Milan-based design studio Lissoni Associati anchors the distinctive Dutch appeal in this moment of time, creating a perfect balance of tradition and vanguard vision. Based on a high-end level of carefully chosen details, the interiors were imagined to create a modern, welcoming elegance: “Known for his austere lines, demure fabrics and shades of grey that are occasionally dotted by the appearance of bright accents, Lissoni is considered one of the most prominent and exciting contemporary Italian designers. His clean designs are a hybrid of modernist and contemporary chic and contrast playfully with the on-going bath of natural daylight throughout the building’s airy spaces. 


Furniture from leading Italian manufactures such as Living Divani, Kartell and Cassina sit prominently in all communal spaces while accent pieces such as vintage Asian rugs provide a sense familiar comfort.” Pampering guests with an exclusive 1000 square meter Holistic Well-being Center, the hotel remembers to attend to body, mind and soul, encouraging guests to let themselves experience a luxury lifestyle. This collection of spaces “including an exclusive indoor swimming pool, a signature spa, cutting-edge gym and a yoga studio” were designed for a serene sensory experience that completes the visual interior design experience. An applauded chef tends to the earthly needs of each guest in a set of restaurant and bar areas “that will not just appeal to hotel guests but will become destinations in their own“.