Greece is well-known for its ancient architecture carrying the culture’s flag with pride. Modern Greek architecture is, on the other hand, subject to constant changes and improvements, traveling the road to technologically improved, eco and user-friendly contemporary design. The H.2 Residence in one of Athens’ suburbs proves that modern comfort and a contemporary lifestyle needs a powerful supporting shell. Designed by 314 Architecture Studio, this housing structure – consisting of three separate 250 square meter each residential areas – is located not far from Glyfada Golf.

These three habitable spaces are made up of two small bedrooms and a master bedroom, benefiting from underfloor heating systems and environmentally-friendly VR air conditioning. Materials used on walls and floors were chosen to be natural and extend nature’s influence to the interior spaces. Topped off with a roof garden accessible via a glass stairwell, H.2 residence overlooking the Argosaronic gulf also responds well to the environmental challenges: “Outside the building there is an atrium that provides light to secondary areas of the house while working as a funnel exit of hot air for reduced energy consumption air- conditioning during the summer months. The bioclimatic design and the positioning of the building with fixed louvers and the design of their exposures saves natural heating energy while the connection between building and water creates a natural cooling.