The Armoni Apartment is an inspiring residential project undertaken by Mexican studio ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea. Displaying contemporary interiors spreading over 3,067 square feet, the loft located in Mexico City was renovated to display a more functional space. Accessible via a beautiful wood-cladded elevator, the apartment is described by its designers as a high-quality warm space displaying a modern harmony: “The access is through the elevator that is wrapped in a very attractive wood box located in the center of the space and marking the interior circulations. The public areas and main bedroom are located to the right, to take advantage of the views, and the living room has a terrace.

To the left a hall leads towards the kitchen, family room and secondary bedrooms. The finishes selection was done thinking about a very elegant space with simple lines to attain the maximum spaciousness and luminosity. On the floors a combination of laminated and travertine marble, in neutral and light colors, was done according to the activities of each area to emphasize the warmth. In the plafonds there are only lighting accents and a slight play was done with the built-in boxes located in some zones to add an original touch and direct the attention towards the points with remarkable design value.” You might remember another Mexican residence part of the same architects’ portfolio – Casa LC – with its water corridor welcoming owners and visitors at the entrance. Do you see any resemblance in the styles of these two projects?