For most people, particularly those of us who live in relatively small homes, the search for the perfect furniture is not an easy one. It has to be the right material, the right colour, the right shape and most importantly it has to be the right size. Space is at a premium in our overcrowded world and if there is one thing that many modern homes lack it has to be space. However, one extremely clever designer from Latvia has come up with a solution that makes the most out of furniture without taking up most of the space. Designed by Rolands Landsbergs, Boxetti is an innovative system that places functionality, advanced technologies and the contemporary aesthetics of minimalism at the top of its priority list.

Each of the Boxetti modules is designed to achieve maximum efficiency and to meet our modern demands for functionality and suitability. The modules can be easily transformed into compact solid blocks which allow for an unobstructed and comfortable space which is free of useless clutter.

The Boxetti Lounge unit features a three-seater couch with removable blocks that become occasional tables. When not in use the compacted module can be used as a freestanding table surface and the foldable side panels can be extended to lengthen the top surface. The couch is upholstered and can be finished in either leather or fabric. The unit is also equipped with a small additional workspace consisting of an extendable desk top and a seat which can be found behind the couch.

Boxetti Lunch is a multifunctional kitchen island unit containing all the kitchen equipment necessary for modern day living. The unit has an automatic sliding surface which reveals a built-in sink and tap. For safety reasons the sliding surface is equipped with a sensor to prevent automatic closing if any hand movement is detected. The work surface contains storage space for tableware and a set of kitchen knives. Part of the table top unfolds to reveal an oak cutting board and the foldable cover has a built-in LED spotlight. The unit is equipped with two extensible bar seats, a built-in fridge, and a standard set of shelves and drawers.

Boxetti Thrill is the most complicated and technological module in the Boxetti collection. It is comprised of a TV and a built-in hi-fi audio system. The remote control automatically transforms the compacted unit into a stunning design object providing a high quality audio-visual performance. Boxetti Thrill also contains an automatic HAFELE lift system for a flat TV screen up to 46 inches. It also contains a basic BluRay player and a storage area for DVDs.

In addition to these stunning and ingenious pieces there is now also a bedroom module and a workspace module that have joined the Boxetti collection. More details of these can be seen on the Boxetti website. So what do you think of this furniture? Could you imagine having it in your home? I love the idea but it looks a bit too clinical for me and not very homely. Let us know what you think, we always love your feedback!!