Creating a modern frame for an old 1950’s post & beam house that also includes a tree running through the interior spaces was a challenge for the design team working on this project – California-based Aaron Neubert Architects. Their work on re-designing this single family residence brought forth some contemporary design details. Along with a 800 square foot bedroom addition, the interior and exterior appearance of this timber-framed house was upgraded to suit a modern lifestyle, but also needed to keep the original “peninsular shape of the property” and respect the slope of the land. Known as the Sycamore House, this residential property in Los Angeles, California, has seen its rebirth revolving around a beloved sycamore tree that became part of the bedroom’s charm. The architects describe the incorporation of the imposing tree in the project: “By perpendicularly positioning the addition between the existing house and the street setback, the relationship between the interior of the house and the landscape are reinforced. The cantilever of the addition extends over the hillside, projecting the interior into the tree canopy. Conversely, the sycamore tree is incorporated into the house, literally penetrating the space of the bedroom.