“Sustainable Eco-House” is a captivating project designed by Djuric Tardio Architects and located in a dense suburb of Paris, France. The residence was entirely built using wood panels placed on a pedestal (due to the irregularity of the terrain). Completely prefabricated in a workshop, the house was then delivered to the site to be assembled in no more than two weeks. The most intriguing element of the crib is the pergola, or the unfinished roof, with a functionality explained by the architects as follows: “on the one hand, it takes the archetype of the context, inserting the project in its environment without disrupting the urban rhythm, on the other hand, it won’t accommodate a closed roof that would become a catch-all attic or a wasted space. So we have inserted inhabitants in it, and have left it open by transforming it into a vegetable terrace, intimate and sunny“. The layout of the project is highly flexible; with very few adjustments, the space can be remodeled, due to the modular design approach.