We received an amazing project – a Singapore shoebox flat makeover that transformed a 550 square feet one-bedroom apartment into a splendidly modern residence. The owner – a successful woman living with her mother – needed an updated place to enjoy her life, so she turned to KNQ Associates for a complete remodel of her flat. Chief designer Stanley Tham opted for a “chic and functional semi-bachelorette pad” mirroring the owner’s personality. By adding and re-configuring spaces, the architects created a customized space, where mirrored walls bounce light into the apartment and a new dining area proves of immense help for enjoying dinner with family and friends. The white kitchen was designed to maximize storage, while the blue backsplash keeps a colorful, vivid atmosphere. Be sure you check out the before photos below to see the fascinating transformation.

Here is how the architects describe their project: “A self-made lady should have a beautiful and hardworking home too. It is with that belief that we made sure each piece of customized furniture serves more than one function. A lengthy white, wall-mounted storage unit conceals messy cables and multitasks as a whimsical light source apart from its intended use in the hall. Joining up to this unit is a shoe bench which doubles up as additional seating for guests while holding shoes down below. This multipurpose idea extends into the bedroom which the owner shares with her mum, where a partition that comes in the form of a wardrobe divides the tiny room in such a way as to offer each person her own personal space. The utility room, located right at the back of the kitchen, has been turned into a private play-and-work room for the owner. A centerpiece wood lounge deck (for watching TV and as an extra bed for guests to sleep over) and plenty of book storage and light contribute to an inspirational space in which one can truly indulge.”