Secluded among luscious tropical greenery, the Seychelles Safari Retreat on North Island promises to become part of your most treasured memories. Here, in a dreamy landscape, where endangered Seychelles fauna and flora are being reintroduced, a heavenly sanctuary composed of 11 handcrafted villas shape the Wilderness Safari experience.  Described as “a place of barefoot luxury“, this island and all the exceptional things it has to offer can be considered a rentable paradise. Modern elegance meets wilderness in an unprecedented scenario – the eastern beach was reserved for the luxurious beach villas, each prepared to offer comforting moments to guests and each featuring a second bedroom, perfect for kids. The resort also includes a lounge, library, dining space, health spa and gym, world-class dive center and a rim-flow swimming pool to complete the luxury experience. The western part of the island captures amazing sunsets from the beach bar and restaurant, so your stay here will be a unique explosion of luxury accommodation, natural settings and thoughts of everlasting happiness.