Located 72 miles south of Lima, Peru, this 4,350 square-foot contemporary house entitled Casa Q displays an unusual architecture, gradually unfolding towards the Misterio beach. According to Longhi Architects , the residence “materializes the dreams of a young couple in a floating volume which embodies the spaces for a future family. The volume is supported by circular columns placed by intuition, as a dance, instead of forcibly in a grid. The dancing columns are accompanied by sliding glass panels that define the common area of the house; living-dining and terrace are integrated or separated by the option to open or close the glass panels depending on social and weather conditions. The rest of the house – guest rooms, kitchen and services – are tastefully secluded at the back of the sloped site thus providing visual contrast with a volume of water in the front which has been unearthed for the enjoyment of swimming.” Each room of the house is connected to the outdoors through generous windows or terraces. [Photos by: Juan Solano, CHOlon Photography]