It is undeniable that materials are high on the list of priorities when it comes to product design and with so many new and innovative materials hitting the market, manufacturers have no shortage of options. Whilst many seek out materials with new or improved properties, there are also those who prefer to look to the past for their material solutions. Italian appliance company Smeg has done just that for its latest incarnation of its popular retro FAB refrigerator.

In a quirky collaboration with fashion retailer Italia Independent, Smeg’s limited edition FAB28 denim refrigerator was launched at the Salone del Mobile in Milan. Combining and reinterpreting two classic design icons, the FAB28 Denim, available in a limited run of 500, is the epitome of casual style. With a needle and thread Smeg has managed to sew together the heart and soul of Italian style with almost surgical precision.

But is denim really the ideal material to cover a fridge? According to Smeg, in order to use the material in a domestic context, it had to be treated with Plasma, a nano-technology that protects the surface of the fridge from splashes of water, oil, milk and fruit juice.  So what do you reckon? Are you convinced?