Located north of Toronta, Canada, this recently revised residence underwent an extensive renovation and received additional spaces that concentrate surrounding views and complement the existing architecture. PLANT Architects used the 85 square meter addition to reorient the house towards views of nearby hills and pond below, reformulating this turn of the century farmhouse’s floor plan. Known as the Creemore Farm, this residential project was redesigned to focus on offering the feeling of a larger, brighter space.

A high corner window stretching from the first floor sitting area to the upper floor master bedroom expands the views and creates a tower-like extension that blends in with the traditional farmhouse architecture. The new addition shelters the vestibule, powder room, kitchen, storage space and sitting area on the ground floor, while the upper floor is occupied by the master bedroom and connected with a new staircase to the rest of the building and existing bedrooms upstairs. Turning this building from a brick-cladded home to a modern weekend house enveloped with horizontal and vertical siding was a challenging, but rewarding project.