Close to downtown Bethesda, Maryland, rises a modern residence silhouette that enchants passers-by and inhabitants with a strong feeling of comfort and style captured in its contemporary architecture. Attention to details led to David Jameson Architect designing the Burning Tree Residence as a” two simple gable roof volumes of stucco which sit on a foundation of stone“. The 3,800 square foot house also displays a central mahogany volume that unifies the overall look.

Challenged by limitations of the plot and stock material sizes, architects managed to erect a residential structure that would develop a strong relationship with its owners: “Having to work with the constraints of pre-engineered wood roof trusses and other stock material sizes, the approach to this spec-house was two-fold. First, to build a house within the limits of a material budget and the stock sizes available. Second, to be able to generate spaces within the house that generously embrace the site, and spaces which allow light and visual continuity to flow from one room to another.” Protecting the inhabitant’s privacy by allowing only partial views to the street, the house was designed to open towards the back, in order to offer a powerful connection to the surroundings. I love the large dark-framed windows, don’t you?