Inspiring a relaxed coastal atmosphere and opening up towards the sand and the sea in Kuaotunu, New Zealand, this beach house designed by architects Crosson, Clarke, Carnachan is welcoming to say the least. The residence consists of several pavilions, reminding one of a camping experience, of being on a holiday and visiting your friends from tent to tent. When developing the plans for this new project, the architects had to consider the owner’s adoration for the former building and all its features. The initial structure was too important to demolish, so it was reinforced and given a larger degree of openness: “The social organization of the plan is relaxed and holiday-like. There is no front entry. Experiences of everyday rituals are connected to the outside and a contrast from urban living. The en-suite opens to the outside, allowing the experience of showering and bathing in nature“. We don’t know about you guys, but to us, this home and its views touched a holiday-sensitive chord.