Set in a picturesque surrounding, the 900 square meter property in Medellin, Colombia, rises from the natural landscape in a successful effort of displaying modern architecture across the semi-rural landscape. Adorning one of the hills surrounding Medellin, the private family house was designed by renowned architect Oscar Mesa. The excavation brought huge stones to the surface – these were kept on the site to compose a splendid arrangement that beautifies the exteriors and can also be seen from the dining room, recreating the feeling of being outside while having dinner by the stairs leading to the private upstairs bedrooms. A single floor structure separated from the two floors building by a lap pool creates a prolongation of the internal spaces. In between these two volumes, the pool rounded on one side mirrors the surrounding and passing clouds. The imposing character of the house found on ArchDaily constructs a modern setting in which stones, grass and scarce greenery complete the fascinating approach to blending modern architecture with the natural landscape.