Fiberglass and polymer meet in a unique sculpture depicting a life-size elephant balancing on its trunk. Interestingly floating above the ground, this creatively charged exhibit piece was imagined by contemporary French artist Daniel Firman. Part of the exhibition entitled “The Circus as a Parallel Universe” that can be seen between 4 May and 2 September 2012 at Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, this installation named Nasutamanus follows the first balancing elephant exhibited in France back in 2008 and named Wursa. Collaborating with a taxidermist ensured that this piece would be life-like enough to have a powerful visual impact. Being connected to the wall with its trunk, the floating elephant sculpture displays what an elephant can do at 18 000 Km from earth gravity. Measuring 7.2 feet x 17.3 feet x 44 inches, Nasutamanus shows the extraordinary power of nature captured in one of its beings.