This inspiring award-winning design displayed by studio Superkül’s +HOUSE is located in Mulmur, Ontario, Canada. Sustainability features were incorporated in the design, creating a house for the future that naturally rests on the sloped land. Designed by Toronto-based practice Superkül Inc Architect, the impressive sequence of spaces welcome daylight into the social zone, creating a powerful bond to the surrounding landscape. The lakefront residence is accompanied by a full-length wooden deck linking the interiors to the pontoon. Seen through 14 feet high glazing, the lake’s seasonal changes become part of the everyday experience. Based on a rectangular floor plan, the house boasts private bedrooms on both ends. Materials used to build the+ HOUSE were carefully adjoined to shape a fantastic result: “ Built of inert cementitious blocks that inhibit the growth of fungi and molds, the walls are finished with a natural clay plaster that requires no paint finish. A soy-based sealer was used for the concrete floors and counters, and untreated silk and hemp fabric was used for the curtains.” Covered with a green roof, shaded by overhangs and naturally ventilated while being caressed by daylight makes this residential development an eco-sensitive home. – Photography by Shai Gil