A monolithic residential structure named Buenos Mares Villa rises from the sloping terrain of this resort village in Uruguay. Stonework and wood envelope the building designed by RDR Arquitectos and were also used to create the stunning interiors. Light curtains hint towards the slightly visible separation line between the indoors and outdoors. While the night sets in, the main living space becomes comfortable and almost secluded, overlooking the southern coast of Uruguay. An infinity pool on the edge of the stone terrace steals the attention away from the thick white overhangs shaping a covered terrace guarded by a tree and guiding footsteps towards a sunny courtyard.

Lower levels were reserved for social zones, while the upper volume concentrates the views on large stretches of water. Bunk beds in the children’s room display wood elements that link the entire interior design, while the master bedroom delights parents with a light and breezy space composition. Uncomplicated in design and following the contours of the land, this textured residential structure compliments the surroundings and borrows views to filter through sliding doors and large dark framed windows. A terrace surrounded by the green roof on the main bedroom’s level offers still moments, when inhabitant, house and nature meet in a part man-made, part natural setting.