Having a remote workplace, somewhere in the middle of nature is something many people dream about. Dramatically located on a steep hillside, near an inland pond in Newfoundland, Canada, Bridge Studio’s Saltbox House was designed by Saunders Architecture and serves as a place of inspiration for accomplished artists to generate works of art. Here is more from the architects: “The first impression of the Bridge Studio is its abstract quality. From the side elevation, it appears as a windowless wood-clad parallelogram, hovering above the landscape, propped up by four piers and connected by a sixteen-foot bridge to the adjacent hillside. As one approaches the three hundred and twenty square foot studio, it becomes more transparent – with a generous glass entry and a large square window at the other end of the room“. The unusual art studio is composed of two levels, connected by stairs. A wood-burning stove and a large desk facing a generous window ensure a proper environment for unleashed creativity.