Malibu, California, is home to an interesting residential project – the PAS House/ Skateboard House. As you might guess from the name and photos, this unique space was designed to be both a modern home and a collection of skateboard-ready surfaces both indoor and outdoor. Built for Pierre Andre Senizergues (PAS), a former World champion, Pro Skater and owner of a well-known skateboard footwear and apparel company, the Skateboard House encompasses all the owner’s interests. Created by skateboarder and designer Gil Lebon Delapointe and Los Angeles-based architect Francois Perrin, this customized home will be placed at the top of the Malibu hills, so it’s a mixture of views over the Pacific and innovative interior design. Separated into three programs- one containing the living, dining and kitchen areas, another one sheltering the bedroom and bathroom and the third one dedicated entirely to skating, the house will feature skate-able areas throughout. Integrated in a curved wall, the kitchen on one side and the sitting area on the other shape a hybrid between living, working and having fun. This dynamic home complements the owner’s lifestyle in stead of changing it. How would your house look like depending on your hobbies?