The creative team at WoodWoodWard Architecture completed the design for Finn House, a modern residence settled amid the trees and coastal scrub on the Silverleaves Foreshore, in Victoria, Australia. The architecture of the project stands out due to the use of red glazed brick walls, functionally separating the areas of the residence. Here is more information from the official description provided by the architects: “Reminiscent of a Serra sculpture, the two striking red glazed-brick blade walls cut through the site, organizing the program into linear bands including a services strip, private program and public program. Vertical circulation through the house is via a continuous corkscrew staircase connecting all five levels. Cleverly located between the two blade walls, the staircase requires the visitor to pass between the three distinct programmatic zones through thresholds in the brickwork, emphasizing the red walls as the separator and mediator“. How do you appreciate the use of color in this particular project? [Photography: John Gollings]