Combining  golden sand beaches, rocky hills and desert-resembling landscapes, Greece’s Mykonos Island is a heavenly place to visit during the summer. Part of the exquisite Hotel Andronikos located just 10 minutes walk from Mykonos town, the Cocoon Suites display an exemplary contemporary interpretation of unique vernacular cycladic architecture seen in Greece. KLab Architecture were the studio who designed a set of 13 rooms that start the renovation of this island hotel dating back to 1990. “Refurbished following the principles of purity, simplicity, fluidity and surprise“, these 13 out of 57 rooms capture the essence of the island in a modern set of irregularly -shapes furniture and undulating, unaligned walls.

Plaster and cement-based flooring construct a world where glass and pebbles are reminiscent of the textured island itself and huge stretches of water, while bamboo canes were used to provide a natural sense of relaxation while embellishing walls and ceilings. Architects pride themselves with a mixture of local charm, low budget and simple, clean inspiration: “All the design was conceived as a low tech construction that the local builders using their so far knowledge would create something that would exceed their practice. Budget had to remain low but the feeling and the sense emerged from the room had to be the opposite. Our effort was to create a sexy but pure, a vibrant but calm, a modern but classic room that would compose all these juxtapositions and paradoxes offering to the user an overwhelming experience.”