Producing bronze furniture and sculpture in his studio-foundry based in the UK is what international artist and designer Nick Davis does best. His unusual pieces range from tables, chairs and cabinets through to lamps and coat hooks all made from the ancient material. His furniture designs explore collage and constructivism, honouring the sculptural techniques of past and present artists. His work is a reaction to contemporary themes relating to the collapse of structures of the physical, the economic and the imagined.

‘After they ransacked the Museum’ is the first in a series of bronze cabinets, the designs of which are influenced by the ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings. Inspired by the loss of structures and historical artefacts, Davis created the bronze cupboard that appears to be broken and fractured. The title conveys a nation’s eagerness to reclaim what they feel is rightfully theirs coupled with a collective awareness of the importance of their historical past.

Whilst the fragmentation and defragmentation tables also serve to highlight the current feeling of defragmentation and collapse in our modern societies, the Tower lamp stretches the theme of structural collapse still further by virtue of its off centre balance and scorched patina.

Some of Davis’ other work is slightly less sinister however and pieces like the high kick stool and the low table portray more of a feeling of movement, spirit and playfulness.

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