Connecting parent and child in a new and interesting way, the Steps Bench was created to display a simple design with a versatile use. Providing a long-term bond between the two users, the bench transforms from one age to another to accommodate the needs of the child: “Placing the stool under the hole of seat, it is a table for the child. When the child grows a little older, they can sit next to each other at the same level by fitting the stool back into the hole.” Designed by Kohdai Iwamoto and part of the Design Soil project, this beech wood bench rests its curved top on four legs. Urethane foam covered in colorful fabric was used to create the comfy stool and the hole on one side holds this muffin-resembling element when your kid is old enough to comfortably sit next to you. Its name offers a perspective on the steps each child has to take in order to grow up happy alongside family. Do you think this bench would increase the amount and quality of time you spend with your child?