Looking at Maximo Riera‘s latest work – the Elephant Chair – we can’t help but wonder how a sculptural piece like this one can ever be ignored. It’s massive elephant head and body shares the feeling of surrendering to higher powers while drawing inspiration from one of the oldest living civilization of Earth. Adding to his existing three animal pieces – the Walrus Chair, the Rhino Chair and the Octopus Chair– this fourth piece is an ode to the world’s largest animal. Surprising exceptional details in yet another fabulous piece of furniture part of his now famous Animal Collection, the Spanish designer insisted that each project be biologically accurate to create a stunning first impression that lasts. Besides being inspired by the widely worshiped Indian deity Ganesha in all it’s shape, this imposing chair also features Indian patterns carved into the front legs – these were designed after original hand-made pieces of furniture found in India. Would you make room for a fabulous piece like this one in your home?