Colombian artist Miler Lagos has been exhibiting since 2002, creating original works like this igloo-resembling installation made of volumes salvaged from the library of a US Navy base. Encompassing knowledge and mind adventure while the body remains under a comfortable, predator-free structure, this installation entitled “Home” was constructed at the MagnanMetz Gallery last year. The artist imagined a 9 foot igloo made of books that would rise without being forced to remain together by any kind of glue, but naturally relying on each other to shape the desired structure. Pages face outwards to shape a color-white-color dynamic, while the spines showing titles of the salvaged books face inward. Missing almost half of the structure, the dome-like book stack substitutes bricks for books, showing a work in progress captured in a moment of time. This compact display found on This is Colossal inspires the thirst for knowledge and the self-made chance to apply that found knowledge.