A French pastry – Poison d’Amour – in Lisbon shelters an exemplary design that complements the French patisserie. Combining a dreamy but held back color palette, accentuated by the duality of matte black and white, the spaces assume their roles of creating a cozy yet elegant display for the perfumed products. A collaboration between 71 ARQUITECTOS and David Carqueijeiro Architects, this elegant modern display of pastry interior design has a little something for everyone in a charming space located on the ground floor of a 18th century building. A striking display of natural and artificial light creates an iconic space illumination guarding all colors and textures in sight. Beautiful simple lights hanging from a dark ceiling in a delightful knotted way were creatively adjoined with a sparkling chandelier. A limestone arch reminiscent of the exterior cladding pierces the modern space, creating a bold bond between past and present. Here, at the entrance, a “Tiger Skin” limestone product display invite customers to enjoy a little piece of France in a cleverly designed atmosphere, either in the tea room or the outdoor terrace.