Defined by a theatrical interior design, House A displays a minimalist set of interiors created to welcome inhabitants with a playful light and dark duo. Rigorously designed by Vaillo & Irigaray and Iñigo Beguiristain, the 289 square meter residence can be found in Pamplona, Spain. Curtains propose a subtle change as you walk from one space to the next and seem to hide and reveal a carefully compartmentalized space. Wenge wood was combined with light colored floor and simple color choices to give the interiors a strong, bold character. Playing with light and shadow, transparency and translucency, the architects composed a cluster of spaces separated by the extensive use of drapery. Light was carefully placed to illuminate the simple details, creating a unique atmosphere. Here are a few words describing the space straight from the architects: “The project involves a space experimentation based on straggling wet rooms and crystallizing them as a pierced canvas in wenge timber, as a true “thick wall”. Furrows and haunting sparkles of hidden piercing in this last stratum conceal timber solidity and dilute it into a suggesting velvet luster, light translucent glass reflections and fogged lace transparencies wrapping and blurring the house.”