Simple and cozy, House S was built for a psychology professor based in Boston. Datumzero Design – with offices in Costa Rica – were the ones commissioned to design the sustainable home in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica. Three volumes were placed around a central courtyard, opening the spaces to direct sunlight and welcoming fresh breezes through large sliding doors. Smaller clerestory windows continue the open design up to the roof line, where overhangs take control of the amount of light reaching the interiors. Pierced by an existing tree in front of the living room and another one between the garage and guest suite, the roof constructs an interesting connection to nature. A yoga deck adjacent to the bedroom extends into the backside bathroom while wooden decks compose a vacation-like design throughout the garden. A long swimming pool along the wall creates an intimate place to unwind. All building materials were found within 10 kilometers of the site and the wood used in constructing House S comes from FSC certified forests, so besides having an interesting floor plan, this residence does its part in sustaining the environment.