Constructing a positive, comfortable home with intriguing details that keeps inhabitants content and guests mesmerized is a real challenge. The result must be flattering and compose a certain atmosphere. Guadalajara-based studio Hernandez Silva Arquitectos managed to do that with the PPDG Penthouse, a residential space located on the 15th floor of a 70?s Mexican colonial building in Guadalajara. Striking modern design seen throughout culminates with a unique powder room looking down an unused 15 story lift shaft through a revealing glass floor.

Invaded by natural light coming from frameless glass windows, the loft was divided into day and night spaces, with the possibility of customizing the sleeping space into one or two bedrooms with the help of easily movable screens. The day area is comprised of an open plan dining, living and kitchen zone opening to a terrace overlooking the nearby park. Two glossy walls separate the spaces and construct a brighter interior by reflecting the light. The white wall hides the staircase and elevator, while the red one complements the kitchen and adds a contemporary charm to the overall design. Versatile and prepared to offer relaxing and entertaining moments, the PPDG Penthouse surrounds owners with an up-to-date, unique interior design.