The new Enigma Floor Collection by Jamie Beckwith emphasizes on quite a few original designs helping you find inspiration when it comes to wooden floors. Some of our readers have been complaining about the monotonous look of their living room or kitchen floors, so this post comes with several options to consider. Here are the arguments behind this collection from the producers: “Designers often specify wood for their projects because it brings a natural element to interior spaces, and because of its durability, availability and ease of installation and maintenance. The Enigma® flooring collection invites you to rethink wood flooring. Consider some of these options—use one of the 14 patterns as a wall to wall flooring installation, mix colors or patterns, or create an inset rug pattern in a traditional plank floor. Finally, floors become a design element, instead of an afterthought“. Find these patterns inspiring or do you rather consider them high-maintenance?