Green walls, green roofs and vertical gardens are literally bringing life to modern architecture. Partially or entirely covered with vegetation, the facade of any modern residence can completely change the overall feel of a house for the better, both aesthetically and functionally. For today we decided to present a selection of the most impressive green walled projects out there, in order to provide inspiration for those of you thinking of giving your home an Eco-friendly appearance. Just click on the name of each project and the architects’ link for more information and further pictures of the building in question. Enjoy this green display below and don’t forget to give us your feedback!

#1. The Meera House was designed by Guz Architects and is located on the island of Sentosa in Singapore. We consider it a daring and original project- after all, not many homes feature green spaces for every floor of the building. How do you like it?

#2. Initially built by architect Wilfried Hilger for his family, House S was recently redesigned by German studio CHRIST.CHRIST.Associated Architects. Located in Wiesbaden, Germany, the modern dwelling is a masterpiece of contemporary urban development, creating a balanced volumetric architecture that allows further building if necessary. The roof line creates new opportunities in residential dwelling and features an insulating green cover.

#3. Black Beauty Tierra Villa is an impressive modern residence located in the Black Beauty Village in Ostional, Costa Rica. The 2,992 square foot project features three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a unique surrounding landscapes and green roofs that make it a modern eco-jungle villa.

#4. Located in the picturesque region of  Cap-a-l’Aigle in the heart of Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada, the The Malbaie V residence was envisioned by Montreal-based studio Mu Architecture and displays an inspiring design. The exterior is defined by simple geometrical volumes wrapped in wood and a green roof that insulates the building.

#5 Dutch NL Architects recently completed Blok K, a building that is included in a larger project of 500 dwellings and a park, by Frits van Dongen of de Architecten cie. The triangular site for this massive project is located in the recently redeveloped harbor area in the East of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Blok K showcases an intriguing roof line, with green additions and relaxation opportunities for the inhabitants.

#6. The School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore displays an amazing swirling green roof where students can have lunch and study sessions. Blending nature and hi-tech, this building stands up to the creativity it accommodates and acts as a factor of attraction for new students every year.

#7. High above Lake Lucerne, with breathtaking views of the water and the Alps in Switzerland, lies this massive contemporary home with an architecture that is truly dazzling. Designed by Ungertreina, the project called Villa Am See, has a sculptural and dynamic appearance and consists of three residential volumes, each with its own layout. The building has concrete, glass and green walls. Have a look!

#8. The Sun House was envisioned by Singapore-based studio Guz Architects in a bungalow area and features plenty of natural elements in its fresh design. A central water court forms the focal point of the project. Lushly planted roof gardens enhance the natural effect that defines the entire residence.

#9. An impressive, modern golf and club house rises in Jeollanam-do (South Jeolla), South Korea. The Green Weaving Club House spreads over 5,670 square meters, but the building had to be constructed on a long and narrow site. This challenged the designers, Hyunjoon Yoo Architects, and they created a fantastic place where golf connoisseurs can enjoy modern facilities in a contemporary setting. Ivy and slow- growing Pachysandra terminalis with glossy green leaves cover some of the exterior walls, providing an Eco-friendly feature.

#10. The Semiahmoo Library Green Wall was recently uncovered in the White Rock suburb of Vancouver, Canada. Designed and constructed by North American-based design firm Green over Grey, the expansive living wall is the largest outdoor green wall in the region. The living wall covers 3,000 square feet and consists of over 10,000 individual plants representing more than 120 unique species.

#11. The chess board is a real inspiration in the world of design and architecture. This next building is a living proof. Designed by architects Sansiri and landscape architects Shma, the remarkable chequered facade of this Bangkok showroom entitled Vertical Living Gallery features native plants, an approach that gives the building a fresh and original appearance.

#12. Ricardo Bofill is the proud inhabitant and creator of one of the best architectural reconversions. An old cement factory became the playground of a fabulous array of art and culture. On a surface of over 3,100 square meters that used to serve as an industrial building, the architect recreated a space of wonders, grouping different spaces with various artistic and residential purposes: offices, archives, a model laboratory, an exhibition space,an apartment, guest rooms and gardens.

#13.  Cluny House was designed by Guz Architects and is an impressive sustainable residence located in Singapore. According to the architects, “photo-voltaic cells and solar water heaters are employed together with design for passive cooling and cross ventilation to reduce energy usage. Irrigation tanks and roof gardens collect and recycle rainwater; and the use of materials such as recycled teak and artificial timber adds warmth without compromising the finite resources of our environment”. Lovely, isn’t it?

#14. Design studio Bricault developed the Brooks Avenue House in Venice, California for a growing family. The project was in fact a remodel of their existing 2000 square foot home, while creating a 1700 square foot addition and courtyard on the rear lane side. The extension is clad with a living wall system on three sides, a visual connection between the courtyard greenery with the planted roof.

#15. SuperLimão Studio and designed the incredible Firma Casa in Brazil, a showroom clad with no less than 3500 plant vases! The aluminum sheets remind one of the art of origami. An efficient draining system making the water flow from one vase to the next until eventually reaching the ground contributes to the development of the plants in optimum circumstances.

#16. The cute Lord of the Rings Hobbit Houses in New Zeeland may not be your ideal accommodation space, but they are as green as they get. Moreover, they can provide inspiration for building a home integrated in a hill, which can make for a pretty interesting crib.

#17. Plan B Studio promotes sustainable living and building Eco-friendly. House M in Colombia stays true to these principles and displays a V-shaped green roof.

#18. Architects Samyn and Partners developed an intriguing home in the outskirts of Brussels showcasing a flourishing facade and roof from a selection of exotic plants. It may not appear so in the image, but the residence has a total of four floors and serves as living and working space for a cinematographer and his family.

#19. X Architekten have created a project entitled Hole 19- Golfclub St. Oswald. According to the architects, “the club house merges with the landscape and integrates consistently into the natural surroundings, almost being completely absorbed by it. Its outer and inner rooms are designed as a seamless transition into the golf course and become one with the surrounding sports grounds”.

#20. Designed by McGlashan Architecture to fade into the natural landscape, this next Californian house displays charming cascading green roofs. The three-level contemporary home “mirrors” the surrounding hills and provides a living environment that is both aesthetically appealing and healthy.