Located in a small village near Girona, Spain, that also lend its name, the House in Casavells is a terraced house on a long and narrow plot. Girona-based architecture  studio 05 AM Arquitectura designed the interiors taking into account the specific needs of the family and the opportunities of the plot. A sunken level in the middle of the ground floor ensures a continuous connection to the outdoor spaces and natural light comes from windows on different levels of the house, flooding the dark interiors through dark-framed windows and sliding doors.

The ground floor garage is more than just a place to keep the family car – this room acts as a transitional space that can be used in many ways. The level occupied by the library and office space was adorned with bleachers, constructing a logical transition to the upper dining and cooking space. Here, at the main floor level, the kitchen, living space and terrace are interrupted by the passage from the lower floor, while the entrance from the street opens to the north. Then there are the bedrooms, simple resting spaces in perfect harmony with the rest of the house. After looking at the photos, you will comprehend the fascinating solutions that made this house a modern residence.