The glamorous Foothill House in Paradise Valley, Arizona, is up for sale. If you have $10 million lying around and are in search of a unique, exquisite residence for you and your family, this could be your dream home. The contemporary two level house is surrounded by a 10 acre property where owners can enjoy a myriad of features – from the staggering eight bedroom set of private spaces to the relaxing mini golf course on the premises. Let’s take a look at the inviting interiors – the single family home features twelve bathrooms, two large family rooms for socializing in an intimate atmosphere, a library for those inspiring moments alongside needful knowledge, a fitness room and a circular pool keeping the inhabitant’s bodies fit with a spa to relax in afterwards and a majestic kitchen with formal and informal dining spaces – all gathered under the roof of this 12,860 square foot modern house. Everything about this residence screams luxury and we would love to see one of our readers get their hands on such a property.