Originally built in 1969, this residence underwent a necessary transformation that modified the entire floor plan and facade display. Known as the Northface House, this modern, 277 square meter dwelling was resurrected and can now offer both a beautifully designed setting for a modern lifestyle and unobstructed views of the inspiring landscape to the north. Its location in Stavanger, Norway, allows the glass walls to capture breathtaking, uninterrupted views of the fjord. Element Arkitekter AS were the ones who came up with a solution for the modernization of this house, rehabilitating the bottom two stories and replacing the top story with a lighter construction oriented towards the view and cantilevering 3 meters over the lower levels. Entering at top level and experiencing different vantage points throughout the floors, the Northface House is dressed in wood on both the inside and outside, creating a warm atmosphere for the inhabitants, as well as passers-by.