The M2 House is a residential project better described visually because of its massive dark focal point in the middle of the living space – a dark wooden staircase connecting the apartment to an attic space. This impressive project underwent by Italian Studio Associato Bettinelli solidifies a permanent residence. A space composed of a bright living space designed to hide the other programs with an ingenious dark panels was adorned with a splendidly designed walkway/staircase: “The apartment expands vertically incorporating an attic through a massive wooden staircase conceived as a walkway from the bottom up; a dark solid volume that connects the two units.” This creative display of architectural solutions can be found in Bergamo, Italy. The apartment can now benefit not only from the beautiful collection of spaces on the lower floor, but also a loft extending the comfort zones. Defined by functionality, the M2 House might inspire some of you to recreate this stunning idea of connecting the living with the attic with style.