Located in a fascinating landscape of the Atlantic rainforest, the Iporanga House in Sao Paulo, Brazil, was designed to occupy as little terrain as possible, but still be large enough to shelter 5 distinctive suites – one for the client couple, one for each of their 3 sons and an additional guest suite. Nitsche Arquitetos Associados made sure the house was perfectly adapted to the surroundings and built a 400 square meter interior floor plan: “So we decided to split the program in 3 levels: a suspended volume, wood structured for the 5 suites, so they would be on the trees´ crown/top; a plan, the concrete slab elevated from the ground to support all of the program social activities, living, dining room the kitchen and the swimming pool; and underneath it, on ground level there is a small enclosed area for services.

A small accommodation for a house keeper couple, a laundry and a deposit.” Designing this inspiring residence led to using a varied material palette that constructed the almost transparent house – a lot of glass was used to convey the spirit of the forest, concrete helped protect the interior privacy and aluminum to frame the elements. Supported by concrete columns embedded in the humid soil, steel beams and wood frames were put together to shape an exciting architecture that we hope you enjoy.