Carlos Nuno Lacerda envisioned and implemented the Mario Rocha house in Valongo, Portugal, a contemporary residence composed of various volumes with different heights. The project is partially enclosed on the side facing the street and opens up towards the inner courtyard. Here are further details from the architects: ” The program was conceived according to functional requirements, and adjusted to the needs of the project, ensuring through the study of light, natural ventilation and circulation, a succession of different and adapted spaces with different uses. Thus, the compartments were designed with height differences, gaps and openings of light, resulting in a multitude of volumes that relate differently. On the other hand, there was a particular concern about the limits’ dilution between interior/exterior in the room, kitchen and gym/spa. This was seen as an extension to the outside through large glazed surfaces, taking the maximum advantage of the site and simultaneously ensuring adequate privacy, achieved through the design of landscape architecture“.