Italian accessories company AK47Design have designed yet another beautiful piece – named Tubola. After seeing the Zero Fireplace, the Thor Fireplace and the fun Flex Firewood Storage, the design company strikes again with a modern storing solution that is both simple and elegant. The wall-mounted shelves featuring a round shape are perfect for storing or displaying your belongings with style. Their steel bodies are available in three sizes that can be combined to shape your desired wall-mounted composition. Two elegant finishes in white and black ensure that your walls will attract attention and convey a feeling of modernity and comfortable customization. In the designer’s words, “Tubola welcomes everyone in its round mess. Suspended from the wall, its elements are approaching and receding, overhang and retract, turn, and form precise or irregular combinations that are always different.” Supplied in a ready-to assemble kit, Tubola will be on your walls in no time.