Blessed with the chance to live in a beautiful home and needing more space, the owners of this modest bungalow commissioned Australian studio MCK Architects  to enlarge the house and create a stronger connection to the outside. The Skirt and Rock House – as it came to be named – is located on a hill in the Vaucluse suburb of Sydney, Australia. The name was inspired by the modern architecture displayed by the new residential structure and the existence of a large rock on the property, that became part of the design.

According to the architects, “the garden was very important, and it became intrinsic to the design. A large rock that sat in the hill to the rear of the house became our focal and pivotal natural element in the new architectural composition. With the underlying philosophy of relative modesty, the new form is setback, maintaining existing amenity enjoyed by neighbors. The first floor is concealed in the black roof form, providing a recessive appearance from the street, nestling into the landscape. ” Customized to suit the family’s modest lifestyle but designed to display a beautiful set of interiors strongly connected to the garden, the improved Skirt and Rock House gives better access to sunlight and fresh air.