A beautiful rooftop apartment rises on one of the streets of Sydney, Australia. Curiously remodeling the appearance of the building it stands on, the Bondi Penthouse overlooks Bondi Bay and beach and borrows its name. Spread over 180 square meters, this creation of MPR Design Group displays a highly modern design. Adorning the rooftop of an Art Deco building, the lightweight metal clad structure benefits from plenty of natural light coming from a mixture of skylights and windows. An immaculate set of interiors and exterior spaces compose social and private rooms, all free flowing and strongly connected to the surroundings.

By adding a contemporary top to an historic building, MPR Design Group created yet another stunning example of blending old and new architectural languages. Laying at the owner’s feet, wide lime washed timber floor boards set the tone for an elegant interior design, where white and silver Alucobond cladding, together with limestone and Calacutta marble shape a dreamy residence. Arranged under cleverly hidden LED light fittings, minimalist pieces of furniture provoke the inhabitants to relax in the comfort of this luxurious penthouse apartment.