Designed for a young family of four, Haus W encompasses a flexible design, prepared to evolve together with the family and offer them a dream setting for everyday life. Pott Architects, with offices in Berlin, are the ones behind this project. They built the 3,000 square foot house located in the Lichterfelde district of Berlin, Germany, in the garden of an old villa, but accessed via its own road. Appearing as a single volume residence, Haus W’s interiors are separated by walls and sliding doors creating the choice of enjoying time alone or in the company of friends and family.

With a sunken entrance flanked by a spacious foyer with a cloakroom and service areas, the residence has a beautiful layout. Following the contours of the property, the modern living, dining and cooking spaces were placed on the first level. The next split level floor is occupied by the living room and private parents’ room, while the upper floor shelters the kids bedrooms and play area. Described by its owners as a “house that’s like a holiday”, the carefully planned  contemporary residence is dressed in a dark copper shell pierced by windows capturing natural light and views of the garden.  How do you feel about the unusual shape displayed by the modern dwelling?