Artist Chris Fraser takes old physics discoveries and turn them into contemporary art. By applying the laws of Camera Obscura, a dark box (or room) with a hole drilled in one side, projected an image from the exterior, turned upside down, the artist plays with light, with intriguing results: “It is both utterly remarkable and terribly ordinary. But there is no need to stop with one opening. Bore a second hole into the wall and two images, offset but roughly similar, will appear. Continue to drill. Remove the wall piecemeal, minding each change. Picture will stack atop picture, dissolving eventually into the mere impression of light.†Chris Fraser further explains, in an interview for Co.Design: “I had regarded my house as a living camera. I would watch pictures of the sun move across the living room floor over the course of a day, and notice how its path would change with the season“. An interesting approach for an art installation, don’t you agree?