Located in North Scottsdale, Arizona, in the sought-after Desert Mountain community, the Shanholt Residence was designed to support a simple, modern and elegant lifestyle, taking into account the standard design guideline set by the community. Seeing the Shanholt Residence through the eyes of architectural photographer Mark Spomer, we can get a glimpse of the house’s details and atmosphere – a luxury retreat from stress, custom built by local studio Brissette Architects to override the site’s challenges and display an architecture that celebrates the surroundings. Composed of rectilinear and circular lines, this desert home was carefully organized to flaunt a seamless connection to the outdoors. Using materials like stucco, stone and metal to shape a strong shell, the architects created a house with an inviting elegance. Flowing from one space to another, the interior arrangement was adorned with the client’s choice of walnut doors and millwork, granites and tile, expressing the inhabitant’s specific charm, while the random flagstone flooring seen in the common spaces blend the interiors with the exterior.